Script Doctor

A fresh look at your story

If you have writer’s block, if you want a qualified reader for your project, if you have an idea but you are not sure where to begin, if your project is ready but you don’t know how to sell it, our Script Doctor sessions will be very useful.

Mauricio Navas Talero, with more than 30 years dedicated to writing, and with vast experience in the audiovisual market of Latin America, offers his experience and talent so your ideas and projects get the treatment they are in need of, and you can give them a happy ending.

Mauricio Navas Talero in a Script Doctor session

Fill the form, please specify the subjects you want to discuss with Mauricio.

The Process

The sessions are done by Zoom, each of them is held by Mauricio Navas Talero. 

Once you send the form, a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

You will have an initial consultation with a member of our team to understand your need, schedule and writing times. 

Once all these details are cleared, and you send us the payment receipt, we will schedule the session with Mauricio.

Each session (1 hour) has a cost of US$100 The number of sessions is decided between Mauricio and the student.