Online Personalized Writing Workshop

Tell your story with the help of Mauricio Navas Talero

The personalized writing workshops are designed with tailored content to fit your needs. They can be on creative or audiovisual writing.

Each session with Mauricio is 1-hour long, has a cost os US 100, and its delivered through Zoom.

You decided how many sessions you want, and how far you want to take your creative   process.

Mauricio Navas Talero teaches a student how to write in his personalized writing workshops.

How to Sign Up?

1. Fill out the form and tell us what do you want from the workshop.

2. You will be contacted by a person of the Writer’s School to know more about your specific needs and give you the payment information.

3. Send us a copy of your payment receipt/transfer

4. We will schedule the session with Mauricio and you will receive the Zoom link.

5. You are ready to tell your story!

Personalized Writing Workshop - Audiovisual or Creative Writing


It doesn’t matter if you want creative or audiovisual writing, each workshop is complete tailored to your needs and goals.

Personalized Writing Workshop - Variable Duration

Variable Duration

There no minimum or maximum of sessions you must take. You decide based on your goals.

Personalized Writing Workshops - Sessions with Mauricio Navas Talero

Personalized Sessions

The sessions are exclusive with Mauricio Navas Talero. If you want, you can receive a recording of the session.