Crucial Conversations

The great art of saying the most difficult things and not dying while trying.

Crucial Conversations Workshop - Mauricio Navas Talero

How to speak about sex with your partner? How to reach that friend that is owing us $5.000? What’s the most effective way of asking your boss to stop yelling? Why do I try to fix a conflict, and during the conversation things get worse? Are teenagers mute, or did I fail as a parent?

The exit to all of these alleys lies, without a doubt, in the way we talk to each other. We all know that when we speak, we run the risk of ruining relationships, friendships, marriages, so, how to tackle difficult conversations?

Mauricio Navas Talero has written for television more than two million dialogues and doing this, he has discovered that words are feelings and attitude triggers. That’s why he has designed a workshop on human communication. What’s the secret for others to receive exactly what I want to tell them? Maybe, it has to do with the realization that to talk, we don’t only need our mouth, but also our ears? THE GREAT ART OF SAYING THE HARDEST THINGS WITHOUT DYING WHILE TRYING, a workshop about how to say what we need and achieve high levels of empathy.


  • If people talk to understand each other, why is it that talking is when problems begin?
  • What makes a communication or conversation difficult?
  • How to prepare a crucial conversation?
  • How to develop it?
  • What indicates a conversation is out of control?
  • Myths about veracity and honesty
  • Talk or Write?
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

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"Remember, you are master over what you hush, and slave to what you speak."