Creative Writing Masterclass

Creative Writing Masterclass with Mauricio Navas Talero - You, pencil and paper

We all have a story to tell ..

But there are just a few capable of facing the dreaded blank page, intimidated by the myth that writing is difficult and meant for just a few.

In this Masterclass everyone is welcome. With no regard for age, profession or writing experience, whoever takes this course will discover, without a doubt, that everyone has the tools to knock down the wall that has blocked them from writing those stories that live inside their minds and deserve to see the light.

This class helped me eliminate the prejudices I had with myself at the moment of writing. It does not have anything to do with grammar or essays, it's all about facing our fears, leave all excuses behind and write. I loved it!


  • Why Write?
  • What to Write?
  • The Purpose of Writing
  • The Fear of Writing
  • What is a Story?
  • Where Do Stories Come From?
  • How to Know if My Story is Worthy?
  • How to Know if I’m Being Original?
  • Your Learn To Write By Writing

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