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Stop fearing the blank page!

At Mauricio Navas Talero’s Writers School we offer you workshops, courses and consultancies to accompany you on the wonderful, and sometimes terrifying, path of writing.

Whether it is creative or audiovisual writing, here you will find the help you need, always hand in hand with Mauricio Navas Talero.

Writers School of Mauricio Navas Talero

Personalized Online Workshop

For those who prefer to go at their own pace and have a tailored service. Fully customized to the topics of your interest (creative writing and audiovisual writing)

Consulting - ScriptDoctor

Do you want a second opinion on your project? A qualified reading? Help to continue with your story? Schedule a session with Mauricio and take a fresh look at your story.

Crucial Conversations Workshop

We all know that when we speak, we run the risk of ruining relationships, friendships, marriages, so, how to tackle difficult conversations?

Master Class in Creative Writing

Writing is not exclusive to a few intellectuals, stop your fear of writing and discover that you too have a story to tell.


The Seven Deadly Sins of the Telenovela

My friend Pawel Nowicki, sponsored by my other friend Dago García, has written and published THE SEVEN CAPITAL SINS OF THE TELENOVELA. (Available in Spanish) A "dramatic" essay on the aesthetic and social effect of the soap opera where in addition to multiple visions, in the style of Plato, Pawel ventures to propose a hypothesis about the public and its relationship with the "soap opera." I invite you to read.

Downloadable Scripts

The scripts of some of my works so that you can be inspired.

Movie Magic Screenwriter Tutorial

This software, developed by Write Brothers, is what I use to write my stories. Over the years I have discovered accesses and tools that are very useful when creating, since they save time and speed up the process.

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