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Audiovisual Content Tailored to Your Project's Budget

A successful audiovisual project is not only about a good idea. You need scripts written accordingly to the brilliance of the idea, and also fitting to the budget size.

Mauricio Navas Talero writes for All Media Atelier

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Strengthen by the writer’s knowledge of Mauricio Navas Talero thanks to his profile as a writing teacher for over 20 years, and the successful handling of writing teams that include names like Mauricio Miranda, Juan Manuel Cáceres, Conchita Ruiz López de Mesa. This company has a unique-in-the-industry network of authors and support.

At All Media Atelier, we guarantee content management to strengthen the relationship between production and writing. Protecting the idea and the budget.

Our Services

Original Ideas

We have a content library that is updated regularly by our authors, it includes different formats and genres.

Content Intervention

We support projects that are going through a crisis. Either by finding the writer to solve it, or proposing new paths for its development and conclusion.

Tailored Ideas

We develop, manage and design adaptations and third-party ideas in the required format and genre, always acknowledging the budget.

Our Projects

Our Writers


More than 30 years dedicated to writing, 4 Simón Bolivar awards, 5 Indias Catalinas, 2 Tv y Novelas and more than 2000 scripts for television – Azúcar, La Otra Mitad del Sol, La Mujer del Presidente, La Lectora, Pura Sangre, Alias El Mexicano y more recently, El Inquisidor. Director of All Media Atelier.


Professional screenwriter since 2000. Has won important awards in Argentina (Martín Fierro, Argentores), and the Rose D’Or y the Accolade on an international level. He worked for Pol-Ka, Underground, Fox Latam and Televisa, amongst others. He was also a journalist and advertising creative.


Writer after being a bilingual secretary, advertising sales executive, publisher of institutional magazines, newscast manager, amongst other jobs, Co-author of Pura SangreEl Penúltimo BesoAzúcar and the adaptation of Revenge. Obsessed with the right use of language. I don’t have a knack for shortness.

Carlos Salazar Cely - Escritor All Media Atelier


Writer with more than 20 years of experience. Has developed and consulted contents for Dynamo, Non stop, Amazon, amongst others. With his teacher, Mauricio Navas, he is developing several projects for movies and television.

Gustavo Salcedo - Escritor All Media Atelier


Play and Screen Writer. Studied Film Production (Miami) and Theatre (Bogotá). Has written for different national and international productions, like Alias el
Mexicano, Las Muñecas de la Mafia 2, El Inquisidor andLa Reina de Indias y el Conquistador.

María Consuelo Quiñones - Escritora de All Media Atelier


More than 30 years dedicated to designing and writing telenovelas, series and comedies such as La Posada, El Refugio, La Red, Imagínate, Asunción, El Oasis, Cazados, Un Acto de Amor, amongst others. Also to the investigation, writing and direction of documentaries, such as Relatos de Vida y Tierra.