"You Learn to Write by Writing"

Mauricio Navas Talero

Writer - Director - Writing Teacher

What We Do

Tell that story you have always wanted to write. It doesn’t matter if it’s creative or audiovisual writing, there’s a place for everyone here.

Writers’ company, led by Mauricio Navas Talero. It specializes in the creation and management of tailored content for audiovisual platforms. 

A space dedicated to art and learning. Each course will give the student a behind-the-scenes look at the work in art and entertainment.

Why do we do it?

The author of La Mujer del Presidente and Pura Sangre, among others, runs The Writers School, the place to lose your fear of the blank page and tell your story.

Mauricio Navas Talero, writer and director, celebrates 15 years of directing the writer’s school that is his deepest professional motivation.

After 3 years  in the vice presidency of Fox Telecolombia, he returns convinced that the secret lies in the writers, and that the secret of writers is to kill fear.

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What our students and colleagues say

"Mauricio helped me in a kind and methodical way, he guided me to know what I wanted to say and what were the narrative elements that I should use"

Enrique Carriazo

"I applaud the initiative of a workshop to prepare writers for film and television because Mauricio Navas will always be a high reference when it comes to content and interesting topics on television."

Pepe Sanchez
Teacher, Director, Actor and Writer

"Taking an audiovisual writing workshop is very important for any creative person. It was very important for me to take that workshop, it opened up many possibilities for me"

Adriana Arango
Actress, Writer and Producer


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